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Creating diverse teams means more than bringing your accountant into the strategic design process

The fact that some people are naturally better at different parts of the design process than others has become more apparent than ever of late. We know diverse teams matter, bringing in people from all areas of the organisation (the accountants, guys from ops and front of house, interns and executives) is important. Sometimes that team is compiled without worrying about which parts of the design process they are actu
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One of the cafes at Google

One of the things about Google: Hyper-curating culture through environment

I visited Google as part of Better by Design’s US Study Tour 2012. Whether the vibe of the place delights you or weirds you out (that’s me), it is impressive and somewhat inspiring.  The campus that we visited in Palto Alto was huge. About 15,000 people in over 40 buildings and on 26 acres (according to Wikipedia and Google jobs). But it is what they do with the campus that struck me the most. Massive foo
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Coffee Thinking :: a design thinking study close to home

  If design thinking is a new concept for you or even if you consider yourself somewhat knowledgeable on the topic, you might  find yourself asking how do I put design thinking into practice? The answer is that it does not have to be complicated and can start quite simply.  What’s more, businesses might  be using the principles of design thinking without even realising. Let’s start with an example close to home
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