Hack Your Learning

I Like I Wonder is about driving creative action, check out event #3 “Hack Your Learning” with Steve Hargadon. You’ll not only get the chance to listen to Steve present but also ‘play’ with him in the workshop that follows. Steve’s session is designed to help you better take charge of your own learning. The Internet and social media are opening new doors for initiatives, creation,
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I Like I Wonder

Inspiring People – Creative Action I Like I Wonder is a series of intimate monthly events for creative leaders and innovators in Wellington, NZ. We know that true creatives gain true understanding by ‘doing’. I Like I Wonder events are about gaining creative wisdom from visiting international speakers through not just listening but by applying your new found insights in a hands-on workshop which follows. The wo
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TED (Technology, Entertainment & Design) is coming to New Zealand in the form of TEDx TeAro. For the latest updates you can check out tedxtearo.com/blog. Emma Saunders from Empathy has recently been announced as a speaker joining Anja Geelen from Tawa Montessori Preschool, Ben Forman from Stem Creative, Alex Hannant from Hikurangi Foundation, and Anna Guenther from PledgeMe. If you are nearby this is an event you
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