need finding

Needs are verbs

When trying to understand what an audience needs it pays to dig deeper than the obvious solutions. This means framing and reframing the problem we are trying to solve. One of the easiest and often ignored concepts is that needs are verbs not nouns. A verb will allow your imagination to fly whereas thinking of your users’ need as a noun means you have already defined the solution. Nouns constrain our thinking to varia
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Emilie interviewing on the bus to Makara

Design Thinking’s often missing ingredient… the Design Mindset

The success of applying design (thinking) to your business problems isn’t just in the process you follow or the activities you undertake. Anyone can pick up a copy of d.school’s amazing tools and start using them. Often, in haste to get going, they ditch the one vital page in the download – the design mindset. CEOs and companies around the world are starting to turn their back on design thinking say
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