Needs are verbs

When trying to understand what an audience needs it pays to dig deeper than the obvious solutions. This means framing and reframing the problem we are trying to solve. One of the easiest and often ignored concepts is that needs are verbs not nouns. A verb will allow your imagination to fly whereas thinking of your users’ need as a noun means you have already defined the solution. Nouns constrain our thinking to varia
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Happiness is a Boardroom Topic

‘Happiness is a Boardroom Topic’, I couldn’t agree more.  Check out Emma Saunders’ TEDx talk: and watch the rest of the talks at TEDxTeAro.
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Looking overseas for insight

As a recent addition to business and design in New Zealand I am continually surprised by how often I hear people talk about what is going on overseas.  Living and working in a small Pacific nation it is no wonder that there is a greater global consciousness and it is something that I have come to enjoy.  But what I do find a bit amiss is how often I hear people in business and government talk about wanting to be more
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