Emilie interviewing on the bus to Makara

Design Thinking’s often missing ingredient… the Design Mindset

The success of applying design (thinking) to your business problems isn’t just in the process you follow or the activities you undertake. Anyone can pick up a copy of d.school’s amazing tools and start using them. Often, in haste to get going, they ditch the one vital page in the download – the design mindset. CEOs and companies around the world are starting to turn their back on design thinking say
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Creating diverse teams means more than bringing your accountant into the strategic design process

The fact that some people are naturally better at different parts of the design process than others has become more apparent than ever of late. We know diverse teams matter, bringing in people from all areas of the organisation (the accountants, guys from ops and front of house, interns and executives) is important. Sometimes that team is compiled without worrying about which parts of the design process they are actu
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Great design prototypes are low-fi and life-sized

Developing and testing prototypes is a fundamental aspect of a design process. It seems easy at first glance – make a low-fi version of your concept, and test whether it works. But it can be surprisingly hard. To me, proper prototyping means isolating a variable within your concept that you want to test, and creating something that brings that variable to life. And testing means letting people experience the th
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Makerspace in Wellington

Design isn’t just about thinking, it’s about doing. Even if you haven’t studied as a Designer you can become a Maker. Taking an idea out of your head and into a workshop is the first (and hardest) step but it just got a whole lot easier thanks to the opening of The Wellington Makerspace for those of us here in Te Aro. Co-founder Lee Bennett has “always made things” ranging from Virtual Reality to special effects and
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