US Study Tour 2012
One of the cafes at Google

One of the things about Google: Hyper-curating culture through environment

I visited Google as part of Better by Design’s US Study Tour 2012. Whether the vibe of the place delights you or weirds you out (that’s me), it is impressive and somewhat inspiring.  The campus that we visited in Palto Alto was huge. About 15,000 people in over 40 buildings and on 26 acres (according to Wikipedia and Google jobs). But it is what they do with the campus that struck me the most. Massive foo
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Some stuff I liked about the companies on US Study Tour 2012

There is a big different between looking abroad for information and inspiration, and picking up whatever seems to be working somewhere else and implementing it here. The first is about learning and designing what is right for us. The second is often associated with fear and naivety. The best Kiwi leaders know the difference, and design their own success stories. Late last year, I was lucky enough to join Better by De
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